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BBC 2 Radio Documentary
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CNN News Segment on the Stonewall 40th Anniversary
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j u n e  2 2 ,  2 0 0 9

New 1969 Police Documents about the Stonewall Riots

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                                                                                            UPCOMING MEDIA APPEARANCES

David Carter will appear on:

CNN, and the BBC World News, Agence France-Presse... details to follow.
Democracy Now!, with host Amy Goodwin live on Friday the 26th 8-9 AM EST
on San Francisco's KQED Forum on Thursday the 25 at 1:00 EST
WCBS (New York), Southern Voice (Southeast US), Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco), WNBC (New York)
Times (London), France 24 (French national television), Global National (Canadian national television)
MEGA (Greek national televison), Radio Sweden (national),Metro US (northeast US newspapers)
WBAI (radio, New York)Windy City, (Chicago newspaper), WFUV (New York radio), HOUR Magazine (Montreal)
MSNBC, Jakarta Globe (Indonesia), Dallas Voice, LOV magazine (Vancouver), ourscenetv.com
Salon, Huffington Post

Hear David discuss Stonewall with
Milk Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black
and activist Cleve Jones:
KQED Public Media

Listen to
David Carter LIVE
June 28, 2009: the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots
, on
between 12 noon and 1 PM EST discussing
"Stonewall: Myths versus History"
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